My Broken Leg

I lie here on my bed

Before me lies my broken leg

In its plaster cast its spread

Straight and bulky.


I contemplate its bulky form

My former shape lies within

The bulk for now will be the norm

But ere long it should be back again!

I now have time to contemplate

My life, my sins and all my deeds

As here I lie the healing to await


I watch through my window

The skies outside, so blue

As time continues on its flight

Stand still oh Time!

I wish to yell

I wish I could do something more fun

But no, I am stuck on my bed

Plates and screws that stabilize

Cause pain and bring tears to my eyes

Life should be so sublime

Yet I fear what the Book may tell

I need more time to contemplate

Reparations for my deeds, I fret!

Please Lord – wait!

Stop, act not on the Book just yet!

My neighbours showing sympathy

When they see me hobbling along.

Please Lord lift my blindness

That I may see where I’ve been wrong.

Give that gentleness I may repay

With kindness evermore

That impatience now may stay

And anger I will deplore.

Its funny how life altering events often wrap themselves in days that begin like any other.