Why do they make it so hard for people to better themselves. So, growing up I never had a permanent house. As I grow older I’m learning to find stability in instabilities. I have moved around so much in my life I really do not have a place I can call home. Thus I have also learned to never attach to anything. I realized that home can be found in the people you surround yourself with and the memories and traditions that develop. Home is happiness and my happiness most times is with the people I love  even if it is just myself at times. My own house. And I can’t wait to be there.

This poem by Ronald Chapman sums it up:


In the darkness of the night,

Away from all street lights,

Some drifters walk past.


A cold wind is blowing

Where are you going?

Please look at me.


Hopeless and desperate,

Hiding in the shadows,

Forgetting who I am.



Looking out the window

Well I’m dreaming

All the sweet dreams and

The memories of the past.

I’m looking out the window, watching

The day go by, watching

The cars go by,

Asking myself questions,

Wondering why the world

Has so much hatred,

Watching the sky.

Looking out the window, feeling

Nature, still struggling

To maintain balance

As the rain pounds against

My window.